A brand new website focusing on sustainable rice is now live

A brand new website focusing on sustainable rice is now live

The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) has given its website a fresh look with an aim of providing SRP members, partners and visitors an easy way to learn about the latest initiatives and innovations relating to sustainable rice.

SRP is co-convened by UN Environment (UNEP) and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). As a global multi-stakeholder platform, SRP promotes resource-use efficiency and sustainability in the global rice sector by linking research, production, policy making, trade and consumption. By 2021 SRP aims to encourage 1 million rice smallholders to adopt sustainable best practices, boosting farm incomes and protecting the environment through an alliance that drives innovation and creates shared value.

Visit www.sustainablerice.org to get the latest updates on activities related to sustainable rice production, and find useful resources, and facts and figures in rice. Membership and partnership opportunities are likewise available at the website.

Rice production needs to increase by 25% in the next 25 years to meet global demand.

Southeast Asian rice farmers are among the world’s most vulnerable to climate change impacts such as rising sea levels, salinity, temperature rise, drought and flooding.