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Growing rice with fewer resources is possible

For decades, Wanchai Masrakhu had often wondered what he could do more to earn enough money in time for the start of the next planting season.

Young minds from NIST International School explore Thailand’s earth-friendly rice farming

A group of active and young minds has explored how sustainability activities are put in place to bring a positive change to small holder rice farmers in central Thailand.

Exclusive Interview: ASEAN is playing a game of hide-and-seek with pests

A journey of fruits and vegetables that are free from invasive pests and diseases from one country to another isn’t that easy.

Agricultural extensionists drive positive change for small rice farmers in North Sumatra

In the northwest of the island of Sumatra, Mrs. Tiniar Saragih, now 50 years old, wakes up each morning to travel to see her family’s two-hectare rice field, the activity she has never foreseen until she got married with a rice farmer 18 years ago.

Stories of Sustainability

Let's hear the voices from our partners and farmers

 by Paul Nicholson, Vice President of Rice Research and Sustainability at Olam International

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