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Farmers need stronger rice seeds to fight against climate change

Farmers Need Stronger Rice Seeds To Fight Against Climate Change

With climate change, floods, droughts, and diseases making lives of local farmers more unbearable, Thai scientists are developing new rice strains that can resist both man-made and natural threats.

Farmers may have found the best way to counter climate change: teamwork

Farmers May Have Found The Best Way To Counter Climate Change: Teamwork

A few years ago, Sawanee Phorang heard about climate-friendly technology for the first time and how a change in farmers’ behavior could curb excess emissions of greenhouse gases from the rice fields.

Farmer Business School attracts local university students to uncover their hometown’s hidden gem: Robusta coffee

Farmer Business School Attracts Local University Students To Uncover Their Hometown’s Hidden Gem: Robusta Coffee

Dozens of vocational students and Robusta coffee growers in Chumphon province gathered in the classrooms, hoping to reshape the future of coffee beans of southern Thailand.

palm oil plantations sustainable

2 Souls From The South: Making Oil Palm Plantations Sustainable Is The ‘Only Way Forward’

Solos Dechmanee, a 61-year-old oil palm small-scale farmer and now role model for sustainable oil palm production. He is the owner of 44 rai of oil palm plantation in Surat Thani province in southern Thailand.

Stories of Sustainability

Let's hear the voices from our partners and farmers

 by Paul Nicholson, Vice President of Rice Research and Sustainability at Olam International

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