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School for enhancing Thai farmers’ business skills

Writer: Apiradee Treerutkuarkul / Food and Agriculture Cluster/ GIZ Thailand Siriwan Nakmuk, Agriculture Extension Officer in Sawee district in the southern province of Chumphon, was surprised to find out that each agricultural household might have

Palm Oil: the other side of the truth

Writer: Kanokwan Saswattecha, Project Manager Palm oil has an image problem. In the eyes of many people, it is a “villain” that has invaded and destroyed the forest and deprived small and large animals as

Changes in the fields of coffee

Writer:Ms. Chollatip Klinsrisuk, Field Advisor – Robusta Coffee The name Pha Pead Jai might not be very familiar to anyone other than the nature lover who likes to camp in the great outdoors and walk

New ASEAN project promotes sustainable agricultural value chains

Writer:Natasha Angsakulchai, Junior AdvisorEmail In most ASEAN countries, application of food standards on quality, safety and sustainability in practice is still limited and remains a challenge. To strengthen ASEAN’s agricultural production and trade and bring

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