Project period: February 2012 – December 2019


Remote-sensing based Information and Insurance in Emerging Economies (RIICE)

Small-holder farmers in Southeast Asian countries and India can get settled more quickly after the unfortunate crop loss caused by extreme weather conditions like floods, typhoons and droughts. Thanks to a support of Remote-sensing based Information and Insurance in Emerging Economies (RIICE) project. When harvest fails or natural disasters hit, with a crop insurance integrated with the space technology information, farmers receive their payouts and relief supports in more transparent and timely manners. Governments also better plan to handle crisis through the space data.

Our Goals

To ease vulnerability of smallholder rice farmers affected from extreme weather conditions, tackle crop failure and pave the way for sustainable agriculture and food security in the region. The increased information on rice growth areas and expected yields also helps governments, agricultural intermediaries, traders and relief organizations in better managing domestic rice production and distribution.

Areas of Implementation

Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand

As the entire region is struggling with extreme weather conditions like floods, typhoons and droughts, which can destroy the harvest of the rice farmers, RIICE was found to help manage implementation of crop insurances and help governments to better plan for food crises through crop monitoring.

RIICE has been collecting satellite-based data for land under rice cultivation in selected countries in ASEAN and India. Real-time monitoring and forecasting enables government authorities to take action and implement emergency measures long before harvests fail. The data collected is also used by insurance systems to make crop insurance more efficient and payouts more transparent.

Contact Person
Anja Erlbeck
Project Manager
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