Project period: June 2017 – December 2019


Facilitating Trade for Agricultural Goods in ASEAN (FTAG)

After a long travel, fruits and vegetables from Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam can now pass through each other’s border faster or without delay. Thanks to a kind cooperation of government department under agriculture ministries of three countries with a support of the Facilitating Trade for Agricultural Goods in ASEAN (FTAG) project. Six vegetables and fruits: chili, banana, dragon fruit, longan, lychee and mango have been selected as agriculture ambassadors for further exchange and discussion through peer-to-peer learnings on border facilitation, phytosanitary measures and food safety to align with regulatory framework.

Our Goals

To develop recommendations for the alignment of regulatory framework concerning food safety and phytosanitary measures and procedures between ASEAN and specific countries (i.e. Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam).

Areas of Implementation

Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam

In general, the level of trade within ASEAN is low with approximately only 30% of trade taking place among the member states. For fresh agricultural goods, one explanation of this constraint includes gaps in the regulations on food safety and phytosanitary measures and its associated processes that are not aligned among ASEAN countries which hinder and slow down the movement of goods across borders.

Contact Person
Pouchamarn Wongsanga
Project Director
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