Food and Nutrition Security: Thailand What will be happening in the next 10 years?

What will be happening in the next 10 years?

Many say Thailand has ample food resources and it is hardly possible that the country would go starving. Let’s hear from Thai participants who recently attended the ‘Food and Nutrition Security in ASEAN: Training for Practitioners in Thailand’ what they say about this.


Pathumwadee Imtour
Pathumwadee Imtour

Ms. Pathumwadee Imtour, Plan and Policy Analyst (Senior Professional Level), National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards

“When we talk about availability of food, the country shows no significant sign of the problem. But in reality, I think our nation has a problem in accessibility. There are a different range of incomes in our society, which mean while some people have no problem affording their food, some have limited financial power to put food on their family’s tables. In the next 10 years, this issue will be more intensified if we do not implement policies on food and nutrition security at the national level soon.”


Kanok Thiansup
Kanok Thiansup

Mr. Kanok Thiansup, Economist (Senior Professional Level), Office of Agricultural Economics

“Now, I think our country does not have any problem but in the next 10 years we may face a shortage of farmers. The current generation farmers will be aging and not be able to do farming. And the worry is the young generation populations are not interested in farming. They tend to look for higher income jobs in more comfortable environment. New and innovative technologies are needed to change the traditional way of farming to the more advanced production for more yields under less harsh working conditions and better income. If I can offer solutions, it should be based on the policy framework of the government to improve the quality and standard of food down to the community level and also to guarantee production price to small-scale farmers.”


Wilaiwan Tewishsri
Wilaiwan Tewishsri

Ms. Wilaiwan Tewishsri, Agricultural Research Officer (Senior Professional Level), Horticulture Research Institute, Department of Agriculture

“Climate Change changes the pattern of cropping system and insect migration that affect the security of agriculture product causing the loss of income. I think the government should create support policies for the food crops apart from the main crops.”



Ratchanok Sangpenchan
Ratchanok Sangpenchan

Ms. Ratchanok Sangpenchan, Plan and Policy Analyst (Professional Level), Land Development Department

“I think food and nutrition security is a hidden problem, and it is becoming a new emerging issue in Thailand. If we do not take a serious action today, it will get worse and harder to find solutions. Good management is needed to increase the food and nutrition resources and make sure that they are in good quality to be able to guarantee the sustainable future.”


The ‘Food and Nutrition Security in ASEAN: Training for Practitioners in Thailand’ was organized between 12-16 October 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand by ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems (ASEAN SAS) in collaboration with the Office of Agricultural Economics and Department of Agriculture and the Department of Agriculture. The 21 participants came from 12 departments of government to discuss and exchange information on food and nutrition security, relevant policies and strategies in Thailand and the linkages to regional and global policy frameworks including the ASEAN Integrated Food Security (AIFS) Framework.

ASEAN SAS aims to enable Member States to implement the AIFS Framework and its Strategic Plan of Action on Food Security (SPA-FS) in particular on the promotion of sustainable food production at their national levels. AIFS Framework (2015-2020) was developed as a response to the need for an integrated approach and multi-stakeholder efforts towards long-term food and nutrition security in the ASEAN region.  It was adopted by the ASEAN leaders in 2014.

By Jeeratorn Yuttharax, ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems

Documentation and photos of the training can be downloaded here. pdf-icon



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