The impact of this year’s drought on Vietnam has been and continues to be overwhelming for the Southeast Asian nation of 90 million people, which is still largely an agricultural society.

Forbes25 May 2016‘Why Vietnam Is Running Dry, Worst Drought In Nearly 100 Years’

Climate Change’ changes the pattern of cropping system and insect migration that affect the security of agriculture production causing the loss of income. Government should create supporting policies for the food crops apart from the main crops.

Ms. Wilaiwan TewishsriAgricultural Research OfficerHorticulture Research Institute of Department of AgricultureThailand

What is most important is not the quantity of the food produced but its quality. In short, the food we produce must be safe to consume.

Mr. Ismail IberahimPrincipal Assistant Director Plant Biosecurity Division with Malaysia’s Department of AgricultureMalaysia

I make my parents proud studying agriculture. My family does farming and every time when our neighbors want to know anything about agriculture, my parents will say ‘Let’s ask my daughter

Rattana KachayutPlan and Policy AnalystDepartment of Agriculture’s Kanchanaburi Agriculture research and Development CentreThailand

“Farmer is the most important career. People eat rice. Lawyer and doctor also eat rice. It’s the career of my ancestors and I want to continue.”

Manorom Khosuk, 21StudentThailand

We all have a special quality, a unique ability to help change our planet – and the way we live on it – for the better. So find your inner superpower and share it with the world. And together will accomplish wonder!

Heroes for ChangeComics United Nations

I’m happy that I can buy safe vegetables.

Nguyen Minh HangConsumerVietnam

As we know, there is already what we call resistant development in insects. So if farmers will be depending on pesticide, for sure there will be a problem in the future on pesticide resistance. Aside from that, the environment will be polluted, the consumers’ health will be at risk, and at the same time, for the farmers themselves their health will be at risk also.

Dr. Bonifacio F. CayabyabUniversity Researcher IV, National Crop Protection Centre, College of AgricultureUniversity of the PhilippinesLos Banos

“A success factor is to deliver the knowledge in a simple and attractive manner to engage farmers’ attention and make them retain key messages.”

Better Rice Initiative Asia (BRIA) Newsletter Issue 16June 2016

The very long-term objective is  to have supports with ASEAN Member States and respected ministries in having come up with regional policies and strategies on sustainable agrifood systems.

Matthias BickelProject Director, ASEAN Sustainable Agrifood Systems, GIZ

I believe in safe food…Clean food is vital for good health and good health is fundamental to our life.

Suwanna LangnamsankFounder and managing director of the Health Society Company, which owns and manages Lemon Farm in Thailand

“Some individuals had plenty, but some had practically nothing. In the past, there was enough to live on, but today, impoverishment is creeping in. We must, therefore, implement a policy of sufficiency economy so that everyone will have enough to live on. This sufficiency means to have enough to live on. Sufficiency means to lead a reasonably comfortable life, without excess, or overindulgence in luxury, but enough. Some things may seem to be extravagant, but if it brings happiness, it is permissible as long as it is within the means of the individual.”

His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand