Project period: January 2019 – March 2022


Strengthening Regional Structures for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion in ASEAN

In a move to stimulate the regional economy, Southeast Asian countries join hands through Strengthening Regional Structures for Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion in ASEAN (ASEAN SME Promotion)  Project to ensure small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which account for more than 90 percent of the companies within the bloc have access to useful information to be part of regional or even global value chains.

Our Goals

The database will pave the way for more regionally competitive SMEs to easily browse necessary information from state-owned as well as private companies. The web portal is expected to be launched in Q3 next year. The information flows will drive further regional consolidation of value chains and entrepreneurial networks, particularly among CLMV countries. With better access to information for SMEs to trade across borders more easily, revenue is set to grow at a much faster pace.

Areas of Implementation

Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia

The lack of awareness and limited availability of information on how to enter and tap into markets within and outside of the region continue to be among the core challenges faced by SMEs in ASEAN. Not knowing international requirements and standards often prevents SMEs from linking up with regional or global value chains, thus hampering their growth and expansion.

Improving the access to relevant information and networks, along with targeted capacity building programmes aimed at internationalization, can therefore play a critical role in enhancing their market access, both from a regional as well as an international perspective.

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Yosthana Siphomsay
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